About Us


Is a proudly Namibian company motivated and dedicated to deliver the very best quality labels and packaging solutions on time, meeting your exact requirements. We are passionate about developing long term relationships with companies that have been doing business in Namibia for many years as well as with upcoming enthusiastic entrepreneurs that have revolutionary products that require the right set of equipment and labels to put them above their competitor’s brand, giving them the leading edge in there packaging requirements.

Namibia label supplies and packaging solutions has a vast product range from labels, labels consumables such as ribbons, till rolls in many different sizes, label printers from TSC, print heads from various brands, scanner brands such as dialogic and Honeywell, Leibinger inkjet printers, parts for SIAT tape sellers, hydraulic and standard drum motors for conveyer lines.

As our labels are manufactured here in Namibia we can offer the very best prices while manufacturing at the highest quality. We are also authorized distributors for most of our packaging products thus our product are ordered straight from the factory further allowing us to give you the very best price possible.